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Services and Projects

Apex is helping our transportation clients transform their communities to meet and beat the challenges of tomorrow. No matter what service we are providing, relationships are the most important part of our business. We believe that being responsive, delivering quality products, and remaining dedicated throughout projects are the foundation for mutually beneficial relationships and continued success 

Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning

Our innovative team works with diverse stakeholders to develop community-driven plans on every project that lead to successful implementation strategies. The solutions we develop ensure safe, reliable transportation choices for all. Our engineering expertise promotes a seamless transition from planning to the design of bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure.

Traffic Engineering

We serve as subject matter experts, combining traffic theory with practical domain expertise. Our traffic engineering services help create safe and efficient transportation systems.

Traffic Safety and Vision Zero

Apex is supporting traffic safety and Vision Zero programs in communities by blending engineering, evaluation, education, and engagement, to help develop holistic recommendations and plans. Through analysis and collaboration, the Apex team has worked with clients to determine tools and next steps to eliminate fatalities and severe injuries on our transportation networks.

Active Modes Facility Design

Apex’s team has provided support to improve the quality of life and safety of communities through the design of bicycle and pedestrian facilities. Our engineering perspective gives a unique lens that informs how we analyze all modes of transportation within the broader context of the transportation network. Our team strives to balance project goals with anticipated safety, sustainability, and environmental impacts.

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Apex leverages technology to better transportation. We guide ITS projects from planning to maintenance and operations. Our staff remains at the forefront of advanced and emerging transportation technologies.

Managed Lanes and Tolling

Apex staff has deep insights and lessons learned from evaluating, planning, designing, and implementing numerous managed lanes in the Unites States.

Construction Management

A strong technical team with a “project first” attitude is what sets us apart. We monitor and manage projects, from pre-construction through closeout. Resources and tools are tailored to meet the unique demands of each client and project.

Curbside and Parking Management

Apex’s parking staff provide insight into the capabilities of existing infrastructure that ensures informed decision-making for cities, developers, and the general public. Our staff is well versed in conducting demand studies, developing forecasts and creating policies that help balance demand with supply.

Simulation Modeling

Apex’s extensive experience developing and reviewing micro-simulation models and familiarity with the critical components gives our clients complete confidence in the results. Apex can leverage our ample experience to quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively assemble simulation models.


Our GIS services combine powerful mapping and spatial analysis to assist with, but not limited to, traffic simulation, multi-modal transportation analysis, transit impact analysis, location intelligence, community engagement, and asset tracking. 

Transportation Systems Management & Operations

Apex prides itself on helping agencies maximize the efficiency of their transportation system. Our services span project goal setting, objective alignment, and metric prioritization prior to construction, and continue through data collection, technical analysis, data presentation and graphic deliverables after the project is complete.

Civil Engineering

We offer a perspective that goes beyond the standard – we consider the safety and needs of all roadway users throughout the entire design process. Our goal is to deliver context-sensitive solutions that combine sustainable design concepts with advanced technologies to improve the efficiency and safety of transportation systems for users of all ages, backgrounds and travel modes.

Traffic Data Collection

Apex’s experienced staff collects traffic data that informs transportation professionals about the nature and state of their systems. We collect so that you can better plan, analyze, engineer, design, operate, and maintain.   

Transit Solutions

Apex’s depth of experience and familiarity with transit operations spans from short-term operational improvements for existing transit services to long-term solutions and planning for the future of transit systems.

Smart Cities

We view technology as part of a holistic, services-oriented approach to helping cities prepare for and embrace the future. Our solutions help to create intelligent, sustainable cities.

Information Technology

Our team keeps pace with evolving IT systems and practices. We help our transportation clients operate and maintain complex software and hardware.

Program Management

The Apex team works in close collaboration with our clients to plan and deliver complex, multi-stage programs, ensuring effective program delivery from start to finish. We use our skills and tools to help our customers manage their programs to control costs, maintain schedules, and manage risks.

Transportation Policy Development

Effective policies help cities and public agencies turn their visions and goals into reality through improved organizational effectiveness, streamlined uses of data, and stronger communications and messaging. Our unique approach combines data-driven analysis, peer city research, and an understanding of new mobility and technology to develop effective recommendations tailored to the needs of each client we serve.


We have you covered no matter how big or small the project or problem. We offer extensive services for both large scale network builds, as well as existing network maintenance. We provide support services in engineering and design, construction, installation, and splicing.

Integration and Installation

Our team has in-depth knowledge of how to best test equipment and devices prior to implementation in the field, as well as testing and troubleshooting IP/Ethernet communications and fiber.

Asset Management

Managing transportation assets can be overwhelming, and we know that organizations have a growing need for understanding the current-state and future-state of the infrastructure. Our team specializes in compiling and standardizing large amounts of GIS and field data, which includes assessing the state of fiber-optic networks, signals, overhead sign structures, and pavements.